Disc Jockeys

Disc Jockeys

Please be advised that Re:Sound will now be administering DJ licences on CONNECT Music Licensing's behalf.  This is a result of an efficiency initiative at CONNECT Music Licensing to streamline processes and eliminate duplication, and get more of every dollar to the rights holders.


All annual DJ Licences are valid from January 1st through to December 31st of each calendar year (the 2021 DJ licence is now available)


You need a CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence if:

  • You are creating reproductions of sound recordings (on a computer hard drive, CD-Rs, cassettes or mini-discs).

You do not need a CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence if:

  • You are only using the original LP's/cassettes/CD's you purchased in a record store.
  • You are only using cassettes/CD's/CD-R's you have leased from a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed music supply service such as Multi Music, Promo Only, or IEG (Jukebox Trivia).

If you belong to a DJ Association, your CONNECT Music Licensing licence may be included in your association fees.


There are two types of licences:

  1. Standard "All-in-one" (annual) DJ Licence
    • Permits you to compress sound recordings into an MP3 format and store them on one (1) computer hard drive source and unlimited physical carriers for $331.55 + GST/HST per calendar year. You may reproduce as many sound recordings as you can fit on your hard drive or CD-R's - no limit. A back up copy is also permitted, provided that the sound recordings are not performed in public.
    • Storing and performing sound recordings on more than one (1) computer hard drive requires an additional licence for each additional hard drive.
    • Click here for the Annual DJ Application form
  2. Single Event DJ Licence


When applying for the Single Event DJ licence online, please apply at least 10 business days prior to your event (if possible) to ensure that you receive your display licence in time for your event.

Licensing through a DJ Association

If you are a member of a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed DJ Association, you may obtain the Standard "All-in-one" licence through your association at a preferred rate. CONNECT Music Licensing licensed DJ associations are:

  • Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA) www.cpdja.ca
  • Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA) www.cdja.ca


Music Supply Services

Music Supply Services (MSS) use their programming expertise to provide DJ's and commercial users with compilations of popular sound recordings at industry standard quality. The MSS have CONNECT Music Licensing agreements that permit them to reproduce sound recordings on compilation cassettes, CD's or CD-R's. If you use ONLY leased music from a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed MSS, you don't require any additional licensing from CONNECT Music Licensing.

Important information on CONNECT Music Licensing licensed Music Supply Service products

  • Any product that is produced by a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed music supply service will indicate on the cassette/CD/CD-R that the sound recordings are licensed by the CONNECT Music Licensing. If this warning is not present, please contact the CONNECT Music Licensing immediately - [email protected]
  • You may not copy this product for any purpose whatsoever. Prohibition against copying Music Supply Service product is clearly visible on the face of the product and is also stated in the lease agreement, regardless of whether they are personal copies or copies for your employees.
  • It is clearly stated in the lease agreement and it is important to understand that you do not own the product you are receiving, you are leasing it.
  • For a list of CONNECT Music Licensing licensed music supply services, please click here

It's important to know

  • All reproductions must be licensed, even if you are not charging money for your services (e.g. doing a favour for a friend).
  • Once you have purchased a DJ licence, you will receive a display licence from CONNECT Music Licensing that will confirm that your reproductions are licensed and of good quality. The quality of the reproductions you make must be up to industry standards.
  • All reproductions must be made from commercially produced product made by record companies.
  • You may not download sound recordings from the Internet except from specific CONNECT Music Licensing licensed sources (iTunes downloads are fine to use as long as you have a CONNECT Music Licensing DJ Licence in place).
  • CONNECT Music Licensing licensing fees are passed on to the music rights owners.

CONNECT Music Licensing cannot authorize:

  • Synchronization (embedding of sound recordings into visual presentations).
  • Compiling sound recordings on CD-Rs to use as "give-aways" or to sell.
  • Karaoke tracks (please contact the production companies of the karaoke discs for more information on licensing).

What Does CONNECT Music Licensing Do?

Buying an LP/CD/cassette doesn't give you the right to reproduce it for the purpose of entertaining the public. The liner notes of every LP/CD/cassette indicate who produced the album, and warn that unauthorized copying of sound recordings is strictly prohibited.

The Canadian Copyright Act is a federal law that protects creative endeavours by ensuring that the rights owner has the sole right to authorize the publication, performance or reproduction of the work. Section 18(1) of the Copyright Act provides that only the copyright owner can reproduce a sound recording or authorize the act of reproduction.

CONNECT Music Licensing is a copyright collective that administers licensing in Canada on behalf of the makers of sound recordings and music videos (record companies). CONNECT Music Licensing has over 950 members, including all of the multi-national record companies and all of the major independent record companies. CONNECT Music Licensing's members hold the exclusive copyright interest in the vast majority of the sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada.

We appreciate that music plays a vital role in your business. CONNECT Music Licensing and its member record companies are pleased to be able to offer you the convenience of blanket licensing of sound recordings for use in your business at a reasonable rate.

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