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CONNECT Music Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

DJ Licensing Questions

Q: Why is Re:Sound contacting me about my DJ licence instead of CONNECT Music Licensing?

A: CONNECT Music Licensing collects reproduction royalties on behalf of master rights owners of sound recordings, and Re:Sound collects performance royalties on behalf of the same rights owners.  In summer 2016, CONNECT Music Licensing partnered with Re:Sound to streamline processes and increase efficiencies.  Through this initiative, licensing activities for both organisations were consolidated into one process with Re:Sound administering the DJ licences on CONNECT Music Licensing's behalf.

Q: I'm a DJ and I play only store bought CD's, Cassettes, and vinyl, do I need a licence?
A: No.

Q: I'm a DJ and I download all of my songs from iTunes, do I need a licence?
A: Yes. The iTunes Terms of Sale prohibit commercial use. When you obtain the CONNECT Music Licensing Standard "All-in-one" DJ licence it permits you to use those iTunes downloads for a commercial purpose (such as DJ'ing).

Q: I'm a DJ and I want to transfer and store all of my CD's onto a Hard Drive to play at shows, do I need a licence?
A: Yes, you would require a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard "All-in-one" DJ Licence ($331.55 + gst/hst)

Q: Can I put downloaded music onto the hard drive?
A: Yes, but it must be from a CONNECT Music Licensing approved source (e.g. iTunes)

Q: Is an ipod or mp3 device considered a hard drive source?
A: Yes. If you are using your ipod or mp3 player for a commercial purpose (such as background music or DJ'ing) a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard "All-in-one" DJ licence is required.

Q: I run a dance school and our instructors use copies of sound recordings either on CD-R's or ipods, do I need a licence?
A: Yes, if your instructors are using copies of sound recordings as background music for their classes, you will need to obtain a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard "All-in-one" DJ licence for each classroom. Even though a dance school is technically not a "DJ", the copies and use of the sound recordings is the same (performance to the public).

Q: How long does it take for a licence to be processed?
A: If you purchase your licence online, you will receive confirmation by email within a few minutes and a display licence within a few business days

Q: Will I need to bring my display licence with me to every venue that I DJ at?
A: Yes, the display licence is your proof that you obtained permission for the copied sound recordings you are playing

Q: What are the benefits of being licensed?
A: Being licensed shows your client that you are a professional, that you respect the rights of the creators of the music that is the backbone of your business, and that you are guaranteeing the quality of the sound recordings you have copied.

Q: Do you have to own a company to obtain a licence?
A: No, CONNECT Music Licensing can licence an individual or a company

Q: If I register now as an individual and I become a company later on, is the membership still good for the company?
A: If you provide us with notice that you have registered your company, and return the display licence with your name on it, we will provide you with a new display licence with your company name on it

Q: Should I wait until my company becomes registered?
A: No, you should become licensed before you make copies of sound recordings, regardless of your status as a corporation. You do not need to be a registered business in order to obtain a CONNECT Music Licensing standard "All-in-one" DJ licence.

Q: Can anyone be licensed or are there some restrictions?
A: Anyone who is making copies of sound recordings for public performance must be licensed, regardless of whether they are receiving compensation for the performance

Q: If I want to start using music videos that i've purchased from iTunes in my DJ services, do I need an additional licence for that?
A: Yes, a CONNECT Music Licensing Video Road Show agreement would be required in order to use the iTunes video downloads for a commercial purpose (such as DJ'ing).

If I subscribe to a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed Music Supply Service Company, do I need a separate CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence?
A: If you are only using the content supplied to you by one of CONNECT Music Licensing's licensed Music Supply Service companies then you do not require any further licensing. However, if you are also using any copies of sound recordings on a hard drive source or CD-Rs that have been copied from your store bought CD's/vinyl/etc… OR you have downloaded songs from iTunes in addition to the content you are subscribed to then you will require an additional CONNECT Music Licensing Standard "All-in-one" DJ licence.

Do I need a SOCAN licence to perform someone else's song at a large venue?
The venue would require a licence from SOCAN for that use. You can check with the venue first to see if they already have a SOCAN licence in place to cover any performance of sound recordings in their venue. SOCAN also offers a single event licence for such use if the venue doesn't have the licence in place but you want to ensure that you're covered; please contact www.socan.ca for more information

What is the difference between CONNECT Music Licensing and SOCAN and Re:Sound?
CONNECT Music Licensing collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects reproduction royalties. SOCAN collects on behalf of the composers and authors of sound recordings and collects performance royalties. Re:Sound collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects performance royalties.  By way of example, if you are playing COPIED sound recordings from your hard drive, you require a CONNECT Music Licensing licence.  The performance royalties collected by SOCAN and Re:Sound are the responsibility of the venues.

Here is a comparison of SOCAN/RE:SOUND/CONNECT Music Licensing



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