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Info for Banquet Halls and Licensed Establishments

Why Bother?

As a liquor licensed establishment, we know that you recognize the importance of ensuring that all activities that take place on your premises are legal. So, the sound recordings played as entertainment should be legal copies.

Buying an LP/CD/cassette doesn't give anyone the right to reproduce it for the purpose of entertaining the public. The liner notes of every LP/CD/cassette indicate who owns the copyright of the sound recording or the album, and warn that unauthorized copying of sound recordings is strictly prohibited.

The Canadian Copyright Act is a federal law that protects creative endeavours by ensuring that the rights owner has the sole right to authorize the publication, performance or reproduction of the work. Section 18(1)(b) of the Copyright Act provides that only the copyright owner can reproduce a sound recording or authorize the act of reproduction.

How can I safeguard an event?

  • Make sure the event or catering contract contains the provision that all music (sound recordings) played on premises is legal.
  • Contact CONNECT Music Licensing or check our website or the DJ association's website to find out if a particular DJ is licensed.
  • A DJ who is licensed to make copies of sound recordings will receive a display licence from CONNECT Music Licensing that will confirm that the reproductions are licensed and of good quality. The quality of the reproductions must be up to industry standards.
  • A DJ must have their licence on their person during a gig and you may ask to see the DJs licence prior to or during the gig.

When does a DJ not need a licence?

  • A DJ does not require a licence if they are only using CDs leased from a Music Supply Service (MSS). MSS produce CD compilations of popular sound recordings at industry quality and lease music to DJs and commercial users.

    These CDs may not be copied for any purpose whatsoever. Copied MSS CD are obvious by the lack of artwork. A legal CD is professionally printed and not handwritten in felt marker or photocopied. Even if a DJ is licensed, it is contrary to the DJs agreement with the MSS to copy these CDs.

    CONNECT Music LicensingLicensed Music Supply Services in Canada include but not limited to:
    • Multi Music Services
    • POC Music ULC (Promo Only)
    • ERG / First Source
    • iSun Music Services
  • A DJ does not require a licence when they are only using original, store-bought LPs/CDs or cassettes.

How can a DJ licence be obtained?

DJs can obtain their licence 2 ways:

  1. Directly from CONNECT Music Licensing
  2. Through a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed DJ Association such as:
    Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA) www.cpdja.ca
    Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA) www.cdja.org

You should also know:

  • All the DJ's reproductions of sound recordings must be made from commercially produced product made by record companies.
  • A DJ may only download sound recordings from the Internet for commercial purposes from CONNECT Music Licensing approved websites.
  • All reproductions of sound recordings must be licensed, even if A DJ is not charging money for their services (i.e. doing a favour for a friend).
  • Private copying - There is a limited right to copy music for private use. This does not apply to DJ or commercial establishments.
  • A CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence does not cover any other licences or permits relating to music.

CONNECT Music Licensingcannot authorize:

  • Synchronization (embedding of sound recordings into visual presentations.)
  • Compiling sound recordings on CDRs to use as "give-aways".

What does a DJ licence look like?

  • The CONNECT Music Licensing Licensed DJ display card signifies that the DJ is licensed to copy sound recordings onto 1 (one) Hard Drive source plus unlimited CD-R's
  • The acronym along the left (ex. CONNECT Music Licensing) signifies whether the DJ licence was obtained directly from CONNECT Music Licensing or from a CONNECT Music Licensing Licensed DJ Association
  • There is a serial number on the back of the card to ensure there are no duplications made
  • The CONNECT Music Licensing corporate seal foil stamp with the current year embossed inside validates the DJ Licence
  • DJ must display the original licence, not a photocopy.

Image of DJ Licence Sample 2015

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