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General trademark guidelines for DJs

You may use the CONNECT Music Licensing logo to identify that your music is licensed by CONNECT Music Licensing, provided you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. You must be a current DJ licensee in good standing, either a direct licence from CONNECT Music Licensing or as a current member of a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed DJ Association, or be leasing music from a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed music supply service.
  2. You may not directly or indirectly imply CONNECT Music Licensing's sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your service. You may say: Copies of music licensed through CONNECT Music Licensing.
  3. You may not incorporate or include the CONNECT Music Licensing logo in your company name, product name, domain name, or in the name of your service.
  4. Your service name or logo may not be confusingly similar to CONNECT Music Licensing's logo.
  5. Your use may not be obscene or pornographic, and may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to CONNECT Music Licensing, its licensees, or any of its member record companies.
  6. Reference to the CONNECT Music Licensing logo may not be the most prominent visual element on your product or service. Your company name and/or logo, your product or service name, and your graphics should be significantly larger than the reference to CONNECT Music Licensing's logo.
  7. You may not edit CONNECT Music Licensing's logo, except for size.


Please contact CONNECT Music Licensing to receive a copy of the logo by email

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