ISRC Structure

The structure of the ISRC is shown in the following example. The final code is NOT colour coded:

ISRC Structure 2020

The elements appear in the following order:

  • Country Code: represented by two letters eg (CA) which identifies the country of residence of the registrant at the time the ISRC is allocated.
  • Registrant Code: represented by three digits eg (AA2) assigned in sequence from the CONNECT music licensing database that are unique for each record label/master owner. This code does not change if ownership of the recording changes or if licensed to another repertoire owner.
  • Year of Reference: represented by two numbers eg (20) identifies the year in which the ISRC is allocated to the recording which will usually be the year in which the full mastering process for the recording is finalized.
  • Designation Code: five digits assigned by the producer/owner as they choose eg (00001).

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