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For CONNECT Music Licensing Membership please complete our Membership Application


CONNECT Music Licensing is committed to ensuring that its members are compensated for use of their sound recordings and music videos.


There is no cost to join CONNECT Music Licensing.  We retain an administration fee only if we collect revenue on your behalf.  We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest administration fees among music licensing companies.


Regardless of how much repertoire you own, all CONNECT Music Licensing members pay the same low administration rate and our licence agreements guarantee that all members receive the same value for their repertoire.


CONNECT Music Licensing has over 2,800 members and continues to grow. Our members own or control the copyright in the vast majority of the sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada.

CONNECT Music Licensing can offer music users' access to a vast repertoire through efficient collective licences.


Our detailed use reports meet key international best practices.   You receive track level reporting indicating artist, title, and record company along with your payments.


CONNECT Music Licensing distributes licence fees within six months of collection.

We are continually updating our processes and systems so that our members receive the best customer service possible.

We want you to get your money faster!  We utilize Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/Direct Deposit), so your licence fees can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Download the EFT Form


CONNECT Music Licensing works diligently to ensure that all possible neighbouring rights and private copying claims are made for your eligible repertoire. We review content usage reports at least twice per year to ensure that all possible claims are made on your behalf.


It is important for you to keep us up to date with any new repertoire. Accurate, complete and up to date data is the key to being able to pay out royalties efficiently.

Some of the royalties we administer require specific eligibility information in order to be paid out. In order to ensure that your claims are maximized, please provide CONNECT Music Licensing with complete repertoire information on a regular basis.

Download the Repertoire Submission Form (Excel format)


SoundExchange deducts withholding tax of 30% from its royalty payments when it distributes the funds, pursuant to US tax law.

To avoid the 30% withholding tax please make sure you have filled out an up to date W8BEN, W8BEN-E or W9 and sent it to us.




If you wish to file a US tax return so as to receive a possible refund of any withheld tax amounts, please see the guides below. Please note that as your entitlement to such refund varies and depends on many factors including your tax status, independent tax advice should be sought for determining whether and how to file a US tax return.

Below you will find links to informational guides prepared by Deloitte LLP for Re:Sound. These guides provide general information for non-US resident rights holders (including individuals and corporations) who receive royalty income from SoundExchange and choose to prepare a US income tax return to obtain a refund of any tax that was over-withheld on the royalty income. These guides are not designed to address the US reporting of any other types of income that may be earned during the same tax year. If additional income is earned that must be reported on a US tax return, or if it is unclear whether such income should be reported on a US tax return, a professional tax advisor should be consulted. Please note that these guides are solely for informational purposes, and may not be relied upon by anyone in any manner or for any purpose without the express written consent of Deloitte. Connect Music Licensing, Re:Sound and Deloitte assume no responsibility for tax or any other consequences to anyone who obtains a copy of these guides. These guides are subject to other qualifications, which are set out at the end of the guides.

Guide for filing a U.S. Income Tax
Return for a Foreign Corporation

Guide de production de déclarations de
revenus américaines pour une société

Guide for filing a United States
Non-Resident Income Tax

Guide de production de
déclarations de revenus pour les
non-résidents des États-Unis


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