What is the Schedule A?

The Schedule A is a list of labels that CONNECT Music Licensing represents. The labels are owned or controlled in Canada by CONNECT Music Licensing's members. CONNECT Music Licensing only licenses the repertoire produced under the label names listed in Schedule A. If you want to copy a song or a music video that is not on the Schedule A, you may not be able to do so under a CONNECT Music Licensing licence. The Schedule A will change periodically as record companies join CONNECT Music Licensing or cease to be members of CONNECT Music Licensing, or if members sell the rights to their labels to third parties. CONNECT Music Licensing attempts to keep the Schedule A as up to date as possible. Please contact us if you are unsure if a label or artist's repertoire is represented by CONNECT Music Licensing.


How to read the Schedule A:

Each label name in the Schedule A is identified as being "AUDIO", "VIDEO" or "AUDIO & VIDEO".

  • Sound recordings* may be copied from a label type identified as AUDIO.
  • Music videos* may be copied from a label type identified as VIDEO.
  • Both sound recordings* and music videos* may be copied from labels identified as AUDIO & VIDEO

*Repertoire by Restricted Artists may not be copied under any circumstances.

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